1. Ravendust

    Highest speed you're comfortable with...

    What's the highest speed you can play with comfortably without going too fast that you can't control fully? 1.1 players will obviously be used to playing with higher speeds than 1.2 newcomers, but i'm interested to find out what the heighest and lowest are. It doesn't neccesarily have to be...
  2. S

    Sephiroth animations

    What animations do you want for the Sephiroth SSJ Nathan, me and the others are making? Should he a) Never put away sword, make new KI attack animations, one handed b) Use the KIND of animations Shijing used? So he does normal KI anims but has sword on his back? Shijing if b) wins I'd...
  3. DBZFever

    Is there anything easier?

    Is there anything easier than MilkShape for a beginner modeler? It doesn't have to be as good, just good enough for the beginner.
  4. VivaLaPineapple

    up and coming

    well i recently started getting into 3d so i just wanted to see what u guys thought of my second model. its not finished, i created this all from one box and since im not comfortable enough with 3d studio max it probabily wont be used for anything except eye candy. anyways what u think? and...
  5. C

    Maya from 3dsmax

    Ive chosen to switch to maya before i get too comfortable with 3dsmax. So far i like it alot better but i havent seen alot of mention on useing it to model for esf. As i have not taken any of my models to the finished state im not sure what is entaled..... Long story short... Is it...
  6. Bryggz

    I need someone to host my models on their site

    hey guys my website is kinda *** in the butt and i cant figure out how to make download links yet, so can anyone host my files for now? i got my ussj trunks completed, at least the first version
  7. ScooterMan

    Arty program??? Which ONE???

    Can someone please tell me the best program to use when making ur own sig. Why its good and if its free or expensive cause i really wanna make my own sig i just have no idea how or what program to use. Im thanking you in advance for not abusing and flaming me and instead just telling me...