1. V

    all comands plz!?

    can some one tell me alota or all the commands to ESF when u type in to da console plz like how to keep ur power lvl when changing chars. thats what i need but ost them al plz
  2. A

    comands in the consule

    can u teach me some comands for the consul i can use on my server just for fun hacks w/e i dont care just post also typ in exactly what i need to type in plz
  3. M

    Console Comands?

    Hey How can i rotate around my charachter. id like to see my charachter Front and sideways to in ESF 1.1 :talk:
  4. Warbandit

    Running Comands on a client

    Running Commands on a client when your admin how do u do it? i am wondering do u neeed Adminmod?
  5. M

    Admin comands?

    what are the admin comands for a server? Can't find them on your site.