1. Majin_Eminem

    Colt m4a1 Model

    Hi everyone worked hard again on a new model --> colt as you can see this is really bout the model topic not bout offtopic please comment and pics for fixes i need to do ;) so here it is ;)
  2. S

    Colt 1911

    here is a colt 1911 i drew crits please
  3. M

    VASH T.S wip its kinda near completetion now i think ill post up some wackky animations
  4. E

    Trunks and Vash!

    Well, I have a couple more drawings for you guys to drool over. And without further adieu, Trunks and Vash! First, here is Trunks looking like he just had the bejesus scared out of him. And here is Vash the Stampede. A.K.A. the Humanoid Typhoon. I hope you like it, Hibiki...:D...
  5. NeOn LimiT

    Models to look at!

    Here is a site (by me) of models i been making. feel free to look around and find out more information on "more info". and tell me your getting better. I am starting to skin my models and they are turning out well . please visit>>> 3dsolids -NeoN :p