1. stiffdog

    Kid Goku Coloring Page

    Go for full size Feel free to download and color just click on thumbs and comment if you like.
  2. Ka1s3r_x

    1st coloring!

    i want some serius cnc cause i want to improve :)
  3. PiXel

    Coloring: Prayer by Endling

    i worked on it 30 mins i gues.... its not much but for a preview pretty well or? Nway this concept is not mine... its by someone on deviant art.. dunno who i dun remember. nway C&c are welcome edit*: I havnt done the arms well cuz he´s going to have bandages there edit*2...
  4. D

    Berserk Paintbucket coloring.

    This is only one piece of work I've done at school, but its my first time using paintbucket or whatever its called, I don't really know. But, its not finished yet, here's what I have done so far. Just tell me if you like or not, crits maybe, I'm just bored really, and I look at the...
  5. Linda


    COLORING CHALLENGE!!! #1? (warning: some profanity used) would anyone be interested in a coloring challenge? I'll post a lineart i've done and whoever wants to participate just has to color it. :) in the end, I'll collect all the entries (from this forum and other forums) and make a giantic...
  6. andriusa2

    stats coloring problem

    Then i playing team mode good and bad teams coloring yellow. what bug is this?
  7. Valeska

    coloring WIP, naruto character

    well i'm working on some color and edit-ing skills, so i hope it will improve with this, this is what ive done for so far.. first mine worked already allot on it, also the face and all the editing on the pixels to make it smooth and perfect. crits and comments are welcome but...
  8. JTR

    First Coloring EVER

    I tryed do my first coloring EVER... Know its very simpel but it was a fast one... Before: After: I did one more... This one Im having problems...
  9. SandMan

    Need help coloring drawings

    I need some help coloring pics that my friend has drawn and wants colored, and I'm not the best coloring person in PhotoShop, I'm uhh.... decent I guess, but here is a pic that I need help with coloring I started to color it but then gave up cause...
  10. E

    Manga coloring

    I did my shading, its not as popular as Inane's way, but i like its soft look. I spent my last day of schooless summer doing this -__- Im dumb, but, i did have a bit of fun with it, tho doing the water over the clothes was a pain :\ I sponged it, then did low opacity blue brushing over...
  11. G

    question on coloring

    ok first of all if anyone feels like flaming me because im asking how to color then please go click back on your browser and find something else to do. now my question. how can you color a picture in photoshop ? i mean that as in.. i draw a picture of someone. like a char from dbz or...
  12. Alteh

    Coloring Wip of hands/also have a question

    Okay, I've been working on this for a little while now and I've stumpled upon something. I'm not sure on how to color the nails. I want them to look real and just regular. So feel free to give me some advice/examples. OH yah tell me how you think it's going so far.
  13. VivaLaPineapple

    Coloring competion

    since im feeling bored and having nothing better to do. ima ganna post a picture and your guys job is to color it. now you are probabily saying wtf am i ganna get out of this. well i guess since im doing this ill make sigs for the top 3 that appeal to me. 3rd place will get a sig 2nd will...
  14. Es_Trunks2

    Es_Trunks2's Pencil Anime

    I'll post all of my anime here so i dont have to make alot of threads, heres something i did at 5 am. not very good but i tried, goku based image, think of the expression as an "Oh Crap" moment **EDIT** I removed this image because it sucked too bad...go down for better drawings**EDIT**
  15. The Noodler

    Just a quick pic i drew

    Yea i drew this like about a weak ago, fomr a ref pic i dont know where i put that. anyways its the samurai pizza cats ( if anyone around her remebers them) and i drew them in kinda of a matrix look, well her it is:
  16. VivaLaPineapple

    my RO profile

    yeah i suck at coloring, and yes i did use a refference pic for the shape of the head.
  17. afrotyze

    Mystic afro

    ay everyone meet my MYSTIC AFRO that i designed.i started off with pencil and this is my first time to colour somthing electorincaly so tell me how i can improve. crits and comments plz. crits and comments
  18. S

    New picture('s) of Gokan

    here's two versions of a gokan picture, which 1 is best? any coments?
  19. Seph`

    Coloring a Drawing in Photoshop 7.0!

    Hey, I'm doing some sketches and I want to know how I could Color them in PS7.0 I've seen dudemans attempts and it looks quite easy. Thanks, Seph
  20. Wangster

    first attempt at coloring and shading!

    hi, i made a lil drawing, and i saw some work collord on this board, so i thought, what the hell, lets give it a shot, so here it is my magnificent *cough* and proffesional * double cough* i call the guy, the evil proffesor since i made him that lil glas on his eye... hey why you looking at me...
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