1. SSJ Toast

    Request -gogeta's colorful ball attack

    well i searched the forums and havnt found one, so thats why iam posting this request, anyways it would be kool if gogeta had more custom sprites for his attacks, like that ball thingie he used for the janemba movie, it could perhaps replace the spirit bomb, or the second spirit bomb attack (the...
  2. DaMan

    n00b at work

    this is my second work in photoshop comments and critz are welcome
  3. G

    Yamcha (WIP)

    I decided to make a Yamcha model, I made it just to skin (This is not the skin) it but I might release for esf if it turns out good enough. Its more polies than I wanted (around 1800), and it needs some work. Heres a pic. So I need crits for it.