1. Z

    Vegitto Reskin ( my first postet Reskin

    HEy this is my first postet Reskin... giv me som Crits ( i am a noob ) What do you Thinks.........?! Orginal model: ned Edit by: Vegetto91 Skinnet by: [Tam Z] - Zarp (thats maby Spellt wrong but i am not good a englich and i am just 14 year)
  2. Wangster

    2 colord pics, 1 mine.

    well, the pic wich says whats happening, a friend made that one, the pic is made up and freehand. check it out: and this one, i made, i did a free hand donald duck :fight: and colord it in photoshop, without shading, cuz in the comics, he has no shading either. what ya'll think...
  3. Wangster

    colord gohan ( 2nd color attempt)

    wel, here it is, i worked like 2 hours on the colloring, 1 hour on the drawing, and a half hour on the shading, (first time with shading. and BTW, i know that the pic is badly collord on some parts, but my mouse is ****ed.... here it is: watcha think? edit: 00ps!!! sorry!! i forgot...
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