1. E

    can someone make ssj4gohan ?? plz

    i need gohan ssj4 :D becaus im collecting last transforms Thats Why Eminem Gonna Kill Ya !! [/COLOR]
  2. Stanz

    Collecting Information about people

    Ok, I talk to alot of people on stuff like MSN Messenger that have come from here and they do not have a problem with me atall and I get along ok with them, and then after a while alot of them are pathetic enough to start calling me a ****ing goth and using it as an insult because maybe I took...
  3. P

    Collecting info about lower frame rates...

    Im only making this a sticky for acouple days, just need to collect some info... Answer the following questions please. --------- 1) What are your computer specifications? Mainly looking for cpu speed, ram, video card, and render mode ( software, open gl, or direct 3d ) 2) How big is...
  4. lostsoul

    dragonball collecting

    how do u play a map were u have 2 collect the dragonballs :cry:
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