1. LionHeart

    Collage scholarship

    This is mainly for 3D graphic design collages, since my country doesn't have any, and thats the branch where I would like to work on, I was wondering if there are any collages that offer scholarship based on your graphic skills. Like for example you present them you're portfolio online and...
  2. VivaLaPineapple

    wallpaper collage

    alot of old walls i have done and some you may not have seen, and yes i was bored
  3. SandMan

    Need Crtiz on this old collage

    C&C if you will, I mad this a couple of months ago, and never posted it
  4. D

    Sig collage

    People at school keep telling me to make a collage of my sigs, So I did, tell me if I left any out...
  5. E

    Strip Collage

    Just a little photograph i had that i edited into a collage.
  6. SandMan

    Collage I made.....check it out

    This is the first Collage I've made using actual it is.. post some critz if you got any,
  7. P


    I made this wallpaper for someone, 1st wallpaper i have done, so what do u think ;/ if u want to flame, u better make it good, also tell em whats wrong with it
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