1. -Origin

    The Cole.. err, Pain Train?

    How come I've never seen this before? This had me in tears the whole time. I've not watched American Football ever so forgive me if I'm not familiar with the guy besides being a VA for Gears of War. :O EDIT: Jesus, some of these hits are so...
  2. Suh Dude

    Cole train baby!

    Lol, I thought ESF was dead... but anyways don't kill me. I also haven't touched Photoshop for months, but I still got some skill, had to use some renders from Planet Renders, so yeah. o_o
  3. N

    Need Your help! What to name him...?

    What should i name this character?.. the face and hair I tried to make not so much look like gohan......., trunks or any of the other DBZ characters i have in the paste drawn like. He isn't!!!! And I'm Saying (ISN'T) here.... He is not a Sayin worrior or a half breed like trunks, gohan,goten...
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