1. Death The Jedi

    COLAB - E N E R S I C Power

    Me and z3r0 did a colab! I did the 2D, and he did the render. What does everyone here think?
  2. |Da|K|

    New Colab

    i did a colab with ma man riddler i did everything but 3d.. :-\ critz&commnets plz
  3. |Da|K|

    z3r0 an DaK colab poster

    hey guy me an z3r0 did a colab for the fun of it i did all the 3d an airbrushing he did all the grunge look :-D watchu think? CRIZT AN COMMENTS PLZ
  4. F

    First Colab

    Bright Wallpaper - around 100k I think
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