1. sub

    Sub's coding pool party

    In my free time I'm learning to program. I'm pretty much using this thread as a terrible blog. The first few replies in this topic are about the Combat Simulator game listed below. Programs made so far -- newest to oldest -- Still need to add a few download links: If you're running Windows...
  2. Deathshot

    Coding Help

    public client_PostThink(id) { new entity; new maxentities = get_global_int(GL_maxEntities); for( entity = 1; entity < maxentities; entity++) { if ( !is_valid_ent( entity ) ) continue; new owner = entity_get_edict( entity, EV_ENT_owner ); if( owner...
  3. Viper

    GoldSource Coding Tutorials

    As the title says, i'm looking for a starter's goldsrc sdk tutorial. Prob is that i can't find any... Any help would be appreciated.
  4. imkongkong

    water in halflife, coding question

    not sure whether this goes into coding as it is not a esf code question, mapping, off topic, so i decided to post here is it possible to have lagless water in half life? where it doesnt tremendously eat your fps if theres a large amount? i remember the esf island map by stryker wasn't at all...
  5. J

    Coding Daughts, ¿Can i clear them here?

    Is it any forum like in the old page of ESF Bot where you can ask coding daughts??? :laff:, Or i can do it here?
  6. I

    ESF add-on coding!

    Hello! I'm learning MetaMOD coding and so on... And I thought I could write small ESF MOD. But I have some problems like I know the KI messages ("PowerLevel", found in 2.0 source), but how can I set up KI in server side? InternetNightmare
  7. I

    Coding: ESF MODs

    Hello! Well I thought about MOD coding, but I think there is no Info (exept MetaMODs entity list) about ESF. Like what are the messages to set KI? InternetNightmare
  8. E

    My coding (n00bish)

    maybe this should go inthe help section ......... i am a n00b to coding..........i started 2 days ago can anyone tell me wats wrong with this code......i am using C++ and a win32 console???...... there are 4 errors in this can anyone spot them....i cant // EX1_01.CPP // A Simple Program...
  9. G

    Vegeta Skin Need Coding

    ok look i made a vegeta skin off a model of vegeta that i had and it doesnt have any coding or what ever you want to call it.. but i need some one to do the coding for me and if no one wants to help me then can someone give me a link to a page that tells me how to do it. Here is the skin...
  10. O

    coding on signature

    I want to know the coding so i can add my own gifs in my signature..... I thought it was "<IMG SRC=(in a folder .gif">" but i guess not............ anyone can help me with it, it would be helpful thanx.
  11. F

    Coding Question

    okay, my name is fester, and i am the Ex-Lead coder of the previously hyped Mod, The Final Battle (previously as in 2 years ago) and we passed our code onto a mod, and i cant for the life of me remember who. Though i have to admit, some of the effects look familiar, as do the models (i could...
  12. S

    gravity chamber

    i want to make a map so when u go into the gravity chamber it slowly increases your ki, i would also like 2 attach a switch that controls the gravity so u can increase/decrease it. If this is possible and you can help it would be very much appreciated.
  13. Scorcher2k

    Net Coding

    I can't see this as being something that is forgotten about but I thought I would ask out of curiousness. The current net code in place is pretty poor. My friend just started ranting on how its a bandwidth hog. I realize its a beta but I was just wondering if you would notify us on...
  14. R

    And so....I did something noone expected....

    Lets see....first I made homepages....then I did some PHP and forum management....then I went over to sprite-making,then mapping....then I tried a bit of coding....but this is what I do when Im bored The NS poster Flay doesn''t know,and its only my poster,no public release because....well...
  15. D

    Probebly asked already but cant find the threat :P

    allright this probebly is asked already so im sorry bout that but where can you download an addon to get multiple transforms?
  16. A

    coding pls don't spam (or flame) here

    I want to learn how to code. I know this takes alot of time. I don't know how many months, years (:S ) that "alot" means though. Any help would be appriciated. I want to know the best way to start, which program(s) to use, how long it'll take me to become a decent coder, which language to...
  17. ]\/[ITCHELL


    i have a qustion about beta 1.2 since there is a new teleport does this mean that you cant use other models like goku GT??? i mean that if you play with goku GT and you teleport do you see the original goku or really goku GT????
  18. M

    Teleport .spr file?

    What is teleports .spr file? I want to make a sprite that are blue streaks when you teleport instead of particles spreading apart. Please help me and if the file isn't grey and white i need help getting a host for pictures and the .spr file. Thank you.
  19. AscensionX

    SSJ2 Aura - Get it here.

    The Aura does work with 1.1, for those of you who don't know what i am talking about, you MUST DOWNLOAD THIS FILE!!! Get it off my Friend Hawki_ice's site. ( Heres the Aura. <TABLE...
  20. E

    TriGun Mod WallPaper

    This is a Wallpaper I made for the mod Im working on. Its based on TriGun Anime Series, and it runs on HL - HL2. And so here it is.