1. D

    Requesting a coder and modler

    I didnt know where to post the thread so i think it will fit in here nicley, after considering it, ive finally come up with a GREAT mod for HL2, just i need a coder and a modler to help me ... Metroid MOD, based on the super metroid seris, hopefully with good enfusiam and hard workers this...
  2. C


    *recruitment message edited*
  3. V

    How do you get a coder

    Since i am not allowed to advertise a mod and wanting a programmer for the mod i am wondering how do you get the coders etc.?
  4. PuRe SaiYan

    can someone give me a coder?

    Can someone give me a coder for the mod MAG please?? Thanks
  5. K

    Coder Wants the Code o.O Followup

    Ok, well seeing as i have the language now, could anyone tell me where to get the Alpha source code? just post a link if it suits you or give me instructions as to where to get it.
  6. C

    Need a coder?

    do esf team need a coder? If so PM me and ill be happy to help out and make this mod even better :)
  7. K

    Coder Wants the Code o.O

    Could someone send the language the mod is written in to my e-mail? Send the language to [email protected] Thx to any and all who send it to me :) Latz! by the way, what i mean by language is not like english or french, but C, C++, scripting, etc...
  8. B

    need coder for something.....

    Hi... listen i need coder that know C or C++ and i give to him informaion in the continue if any1 intrasting talk to me in icq *editted* and another thing.... i am always invisible on icq... so write to me even if i am offline you get informaion if you talk with me on the icq. because...
  9. Logan4434

    need a coder for something

    first and foremost i am NOT recruiting for a mod.i need help on some coding i want changed for a game i like.many of you like it.its CS 1.6 and all i want done is for the models folder to be unlocked to alow custom models,if that is possible,if not thx for your patience.
  10. Mr. Satans

    Mp3's Recognized By HL? (Coder HELP!)

    Any e-l33t HL coders out there know if it is possible to get HL to recognize and use mp3's instead of .wavs, and if so, how?
  11. A

    Looking For A Coder.

    I didn't know where I should post this, but we need a coder for a mod. If you are interested, and you wish to know what the mod is about. Send me and Instant Message, Aim: SupaTroopa69
  12. solidus

    Urgent! Coder Needed! (please read)

    I dont really know where to put this, and if ive done wrong then i apologise. Im here to try to find a coder for a mod that despirately needs one. The mod is a Sonic the Hedgehog mod called Chaos Control, and is just about finished exept for the code, after the person suposidly writting it ended...
  13. G

    UNreal 2003 Coder .

    Hello everyone .. I have alredy been looking over 10 forums , lol .. And Me and Ganjaman are running a mod .. I started it and he joined .. Now , we have Raditz DOne (Credit's to SSJ3Goku from DBU) , and we have it almost animated and everything .. Only thing left to get it ingame is a...
  14. S

    I would like to hire a modeler

    Hello I need a modeler that is willing to help me and my team make a Trigun, Outlaw star, and Cowboy bebop mod. I am the sound artist and I am the founder. If you would like to help my me at [email protected] or AIM me at First Captain 05 Thanks You so much and have a great day.
  15. D

    --New HL Coder--

    Hey everyone! I've just learnt how C++ and now I wish to embark on a very (so I heard...) mission: TO PROGRAM HALF-LIFE MODS! O_O Well I got myself a C++ compiler that should work with Half-Life, ( Dev-C++, :D ) and the full SDK 2.0 I open it up, and get a huge shock...
  16. B

    Who is the Particle Coder?

    As BlazeR has left ESF are you going to advertise for a new particle coder, because the particle system had ALOT of potential to add loads of eye candy in! BrunO
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