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    H.264 Codec

    I downloaded a movie the other day, but I haven't been able to play it in any media player installed on my computer. Apparently, it needs the H.264 codec, but I haven't been able to find it. Quicktime was supposed to have it, but it couldn't play the file.
  2. F

    Small codec problem

    Okay so I went to watch a previous Bleach episode today. I opened it up in WMP like usual, but the problem is, it only plays the sound, not the video. So I was wondering what codec I need to download for it to play. The anime is .avi i know that. (and I'm sure most of you know that as well) I...
  3. X

    Video Codec?

    Just wondering where to get the newest codec so I can see the animations that has been made?
  4. G


    anyone know where i can get really many codec for Media player... i already got DivX and Xvid... anyone know where i can get more ? also if anyone know wich codec i need to see the epis of "A nightmare one elms Street" and "friday the 13" i would like to know... thay aint working with Xvid...
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    torso making tut! the torso making tut u may have to rename .ace to .zip or something anyway have fun and learn from it.....