1. dudeman

    a new dudeman figure

    comments? suggestions?
  2. G

    SSJ 2 Gohan with goku clothes model

    :] Hey does anyone know where i can find a SSJ 2 Gohan Model with goku clothes this thread has been posted by someone before but now im checking to see if anyone had has one yet please dont respond in an angry way im jyst askin.....:yes:
  3. K

    New background

    What you think?
  4. AscensionX

    Pikkon And Piccolo Models

    Been thinking about making a pikkon model (possibly for buu or freiza), or changing piccolo to be buu or frieza, as they have a second form, this would present the possiblity of having 2 models of piccolo, one with a cape (and decent animations), and one without the cape, where he is beefier...
  5. L


    has anyone made a adult gohan wearing the kai clothes? you know when hes training with the Z sword... if not can someone make it?
  6. B

    Trunks Pack

    Here i edit some Trunks Model is it good?
  7. We$$ide

    goku battle damaged

    I've made reskinned the ESF goku model, and i used a view parts of the other goku dam model, and i give them credits download: (copy and paste the link)
  8. SS2 Gohan E

    SS2 Gohan with Gokus Clothes

    Can sum1 plzzz make a SS2 gohan with Gokus clothes like da 1 from Bojack movie ty :laff: I dink sum1 said they were gunna make 1
  9. S

    gt goku

    pleaz where can I find a goku model with gt clothes ??
  10. H

    Ssj3 Goku "model"

    Well...this took me a total of an hour and a half...figuring out the damn joints alone >_< Me a modeler for two years and still never bothering to animate is rather pitiful(Although I did quit modeling) Anyway, to the subject at hand. I took an existing animated model (Azn's Mystic Gohan...
  11. S

    pleaz help me

    I want to learn skinning and modelling. What softwares do I use ? And how can I make clothes ?? Sorry for my bad english
  12. W

    A lil Art to peek at.

    Heya folks. Yah, i suppose I'm not exactly a regular around here, actually, hell, never posted before, actually. I have had the ESF alpha for a long while, though, and I looked around the other week to see the progress that was coming along with the project. Nice. Anyway, I joined the...
  13. M

    Anyone Plz wheres

    where are man me evil buu form 2, or even super buu w/ gohan clothes, PLZ WE WOULD PROBLY ALL DIE FOR A MODEL, P.S. anynews on vassagos evil buu that was for a realsease after 1.0 ?? (link)
  14. DaKD

    b dmg reskin of s bolts ssj2 gohan

    i reskinned s-bolts ssj2gohan with battle damage as soon as i buy milkshape i can edit it and do like azn did with gohan or i could stop bein lazy and figure out how to skin with MAX but o well heres a skin for now i might get some pics later *edit* here ya go...
  15. Bangoth

    Gonna make skin need help....

    Im gonna make a skin for AzNs adult Gohan model(the BD one) i need pics of Gohan in piccolo clothes during the time he was training Goten and Videl to fly
  16. S

    another 1 from me but with a little brob...

    i drew a pic of gohan...but the thing is that i dont want to remote link the pics. so i was wondering, can i post the address to my site and from there ull go to the pics section, or i can just post the links to the pics here?
  17. P

    Piccolo's transformation

    Aight, I guess this might have already been mentioned, but I'm going to say this anyway. You know the weighted training clothes that he wears, right? You know that he permafuses with Kami to become a Super Namek, right? Well, I'm thinking that while he is in normal mode he should be wearing...
  18. OFFSPRiNGCo16

    Kuwabara Model

    Yes I kinda dbl posted but different models so :p Here is the Kuwabara model that MaggeM made for DMT2003
  19. Deverz

    Dev's magical WP :p

    small children close your eyes :o
  20. fatmanterror

    SSJ2 Goku

    heres what im workin on now, im tryin to get better at skinnin clothes, how is it so far?