1. wheres_

    Ripped cloth helps :'(

    Hello people, im trying to get a bit of ripped cloth of the end of this zangetsu. I've tried all kinds of saving it in index and **** and selecting the trans and what not. I think i've tried it everyway except the correct one. So if someone could please explain really simply for me that was be...
  2. PiXel

    vegetrunks how can host it?

    ok i made a vegetrunks his face is like vegeta and the hair to he has got a west and the clothts from trunks how can host it my icq 175569116 bye
  3. Wangster

    lol, i dont know what i made

    lol, i dont know what it is, but its something that is bud ugly, so i want to share this "thing" any crits on this budugly thing?
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