1. S

    LAN servers are restricted to local clients (class C)

    pls help when i want to play (then join server or create) i see this LAN servers are restricted to local clients (class C).
  2. frsrblch

    Bittorrent Clients

    Can anybody name a few good ones? Ive been using Azureus, but with todays update, it has decided to crap out on me. Wont get past the handshake. Not sure, but I think Im walking a fine line with BT posts. Ill understand if this is closed.
  3. D

    Lan Servers are restricted to local clients (class C)

    what the blazes is this? can someone help?
  4. B

    Will clients need to download 1.2.1 or only server hosts?

    Will clients need to download 1.2.1 or only server hosts? aka will everyone need to download the patch or only ppls that host servers??
  5. Master Asia

    LAN Servers restricted from Local Clients?

    Yeah that message pops up everytime I attempt to enter PT server now. So I dont know whether its this new router I got or something with my configs somewhere or its PT server's new config thats doing it. Im able to join other servers so whats wrong with this picture?
  6. R

    Plugin for AM/AMX for giving ki to clients

    Does anyone know of any plugin for adminmod *Which I have* Or AMX *I could get* where you can type something like admin_giveki < playername > 1 - 900 000 000 Or something..essentialy giving a player ki..? If anyone knows, tell me please I just think IT would be kinda fun fooling around haha
  7. M

    Long hostnames crashes connecting clients

    This text works fine: " | Pruebas" This text crashes connecting clients: " | Pruebas CTDB Mode!" (In fact, the CTDB mode was removed and the clients still crashed)
  8. Cold Steel

    I beg of you guys.

    Normally i don't make requests but here goes. The maps that have been created so far where small or have water in it. And my crappy voodoo card can't handle the water. So i'm asking one of you "cool" mappers to create a map without water that is pretty huge. There's one thing i haven't seen yet...
  9. E

    Help: Reason : Lan Server are Restricted To Local Clients ( CLass C)

    The Problem is that this message appears everytime i want to join a game in lan . Can someone tell me how i can join a lan game and fix this problem , thanks
  10. K

    All clients timing out on map changes

    Is this a problem with running a windows listen server or with running Admin Mod with ESF? Also for some reason Spirit Bomb & Censu Beans no longer show up since I have installed AM & CSG. I uninstalled CSG because it disables several of other ESF features; didn't work. Uninstalled AM &...