1. Slofreak


    so this is the problem when i play 1.2 or .1.3 i get something like this cl_flushendetety... every 1 min and its anoying cuz when it shows it lags for 3-4 sec, before didnt get this message maybe once in 3 weeks. But when i create my server i dont get that problem !? Anyone knows about this...?
  2. F


    hi if got a problem when i play on a public server if got lags and the a message comes : warning: cl_FlushEntryPacket (maybe i didnt write it right but something like this comes) what can i do to play without this problem? pls help ty
  3. Zeonix

    Error Message- Cl_flush

    I've been getting an error message saying something about cl_flush error. ESF will briefly freeze up and then this error message will appear. If anyone knows how to fix this, please, be my guest and answer back. Any help would be well appreciated. P.S. I already deleted esf and...
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