1. H

    Dudes, I need the cl_dlls and dlls

    Ok dudes, I did a system restore today to get rid of a virus and it deleted the cl_dlls and dlls. If someone could please, PLEASE post them. ;D ;D ;D :p :p :p :cry:
  2. Y

    After installing probleme with cl_dlls

    when i run esf it say could not load ¨programe file....Esf/cl_dlls/client.dll what do i do ?
  3. A

    esf alpha 2.0 could not load cl_dlls

    i have esf alpha 2.0, but it doesn't start because it cannot load cl_dlls?
  4. M

    wtf is cl_dlls

    im geting this error everytime i start ESF cl_dlls wrong client or something like that. 1st. where do i put my ESF folder 2nd. Since theres a few downloads of ESF wich one do i download. ive been having lots of probs with this ESF can any of you help a brother out? :(
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    Help!!!!! Errrorr!!! Cl_dlls

    :warning: Help plz!¬! wen i installed ESF into my steam c: \program fileszsteamz steamapps\\half-life\esf\cl_dlls after i installed all of the updates, theres a Msg comes up saying FATAL ERROR could not load library c: \program fileszsteamz...
  6. V

    error cl_dlls

    hi i'm new here and i'm trying to find out how to fix this problem with the cl_dlls client i looked at other treads before and i found this but i have no idea how to download it????? help please is there any other way i can fix it!! its really pissing...
  7. G

    help with Cl_Dlls

    Hey i really need help with the cl_Dlls because i did the fmod and other stuff but it come up and says " could not find libary esf/cl_dlls/Client.dll " So can someone help me plz?
  8. E

    why cant i load cl_dlls, client.dll

    for some reason everytime i try to join a server or start one it says i cant load cl_dlls, client.dll can some one help me? my e-mail is thx u.