1. dutchmeat

    2012 US election thread - keep it civil

    Sources;,0,2317962.story WAT WHAT...
  2. Zeonix

    One Small Step Backwards for Civil Liberties...

    ...and one giant leap for Big brother. Source: Anyone in the UK will immediately recognize this as the same bull**** that was forced onto you. It's getting to the point where we can't really deny that the UK is a testing bed...
  3. sub

    Cuba stands up for.. Civil Liberties?

    Oh, the irony is killing me.,21985,23211613-663,00.html I realize that there are most likely ulterior motives for this, but I don't care. Go Cuba.
  4. L

    35 days up in milkshape.... what do i do?

    topic says it all... and it wont let me redownload... plz help