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    [Input needed] SSJ Cow

    I'm almost done modeling my cow, so: What should be cahnged when SSJ? Model changes or just texture changes? Or: Add SSJ hair from Vegeta? If you have suggestions please tell me.
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    Maya from 3dsmax

    Ive chosen to switch to maya before i get too comfortable with 3dsmax. So far i like it alot better but i havent seen alot of mention on useing it to model for esf. As i have not taken any of my models to the finished state im not sure what is entaled..... Long story short... Is it...
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    What should i do????

    ok what should i make brolli vegeta trunks or my favorite veggeto ad if u want any of those ssj tell me but no ssj3 cuz those aint compatible they never went to that stage. ssj 1 and 2 only. if vegeta is chosen no ssj 4 because that is not an akira toriyama based ssj level (and its true) :P...