1. J

    Chose your map =)

    Hey guys, i just need a survey... Im running a server, and Im wondering, What are your favourite maps to play on? It's a good thing to know, since I want to make the majority of the players happy. =) Mine, CellGames Night =)
  2. 1_heart_boobies

    pen tool PS7

    ive used the pen tool before to cut images and move then to another document, and it worked fine, but i think somethings different now. i tried to cut an image, but this time, the image that i was trying to cut was filled with the color i chose for my foreground color...what am i doing wrong...
  3. Messiah Daz

    Adding sky clips.

    I was told to chang ethe sky bg to go to map > map properties > enviroment map. I did that then chose the bg I wanted. I entered the name in the box: devils_advocate256_ft I compiled the map and when I tested it it said it couldnt load the sky bg :S Help please!
  4. S

    [Input needed] SSJ Cow

    I'm almost done modeling my cow, so: What should be cahnged when SSJ? Model changes or just texture changes? Or: Add SSJ hair from Vegeta? If you have suggestions please tell me.
  5. P


    ok! on the right hand side i already said that im a noobz. I can only colour the skin not change it or draw a new one if theres something wrong, i can't change it cause it is.... Try Downloading Brollmans Bojack Trunks and HL Model Viewer and try repair it can you? If you can teach me...
  6. suicidal_maniac

    Who Would You Chose As A Moderator?

    I made a thread just like this a while ago. With the recent arrival of MANY forum members, I felt this was an appropriate time to ask you all this question. So answer away. Note: THIS IS IN NO WAY GOING TO CHOSE A NEW MODERATOR.
  7. C

    Maya from 3dsmax

    Ive chosen to switch to maya before i get too comfortable with 3dsmax. So far i like it alot better but i havent seen alot of mention on useing it to model for esf. As i have not taken any of my models to the finished state im not sure what is entaled..... Long story short... Is it...
  8. Abhorsen

    Help with Logo

    Hey i was making my own logo for half-life, and i made the pic and it comes up in the section when you chose your logo,but when i spray it the pic is just one solid color and its suppose to half like 5, What iam i doing wrong
  9. -Dark Shadow-

    Help me!!! I really need help!

    ok i made this ssj2 goku and tried to test it i got it as a mdl file and then put it in the right folder and when i loaded the game up then chose my chracter goku and then it just says like mod_brush then says my file of my model then says the version number like 846431343 something like that...
  10. M

    sig rate

    i made a sig can you poeple give me crits and a rate in the poll from 1 to 10 it has no special effect innit but i think its cool because you can see some sort of debt in here. i'm also thinking of animating this sig. and i still must work on the edges they arnt cutt that nice
  11. suicidal_maniac

    Who would you chose as a Moderator?

    I thought this would be something interesting and original to talk about. If you could chose who would be a new Mod. who would you chose. I personally would chose Evil Trunks because he never spams and always trys to help people out. Note:NO FLAMING!! I know its hard, but try to control...
  12. suicidal_maniac

    A new sig I made.

    I just finished a new sig. I was gonna give it to anyone who wanted it but first I want to get out any flaws so I need some opinions.
  13. [SAS]Orion

    Which sig shoulg I use?

    Which sig should I use? I got two siggehs I like, and I don't know which to j00se oO Which one should I use?
  14. Ecchi Pr0n

    help ]V[ajin make a map

    in this post i will ask you guys questions and if you know the anserw tell it how do i make things be able to be destructable