1. yopyop

    chireru (kama plz READ!)

    kama you fool ! >:[ as i said his (chirerus) last activity was at 25.06.05 (long ago eh?) so why ya just post a link to his profile??? o.0 do ya think i am that silly not to try his profile firs???? :S so: if ANYBODY would try to HELP me (and not try to maky me silly!) to contact...
  2. yopyop


    does any body know how to contact chireru? i edited his piccolo to an pikkon and wanna ask for permission... but his last activity on the forums were at 25.6.05 (long ago XD) so are tere any other ways to contact him but pm ot e-mail?? o.0 thx everybody for trying....
  3. O


    ok i have a reequest aand a suggestion CHIRERU!! OH PLZ!! plz put ur awesome golden oozaru bebi vegeta model to esf 1.2 OH PLZ!! its ooo awesome sounds are awesome and sprites are very very VERY good!!!! so PZ!?!?!?!
  4. DaGoku

    Chireru made this model it needs skinning

    My friend Chireru on this forum made this model give all credit to him it is awseome i need some 1 to skin it it looks like playdoe
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