1. F

    Chimpbot says....

    Hey everybody Fire Phoenix here. And i have been asked to do a request. So here it is. Chimpbot says hello. Anything you want to tell him go ahead and post a thread here.
  2. G

    Failed FUSION

    I was trying to do some modeling and i was finished and loaded anohter char and this is what happened
  3. Chimpbot

    Things to Gawk at!!!

    Vegetto.. Cooler transforming.. Cell.. Gawk, stare at, comment. Usual, 10-20 minutes per..quick drawings with a simple cheap pen. Enjoy :D
  4. Chimpbot

    I want some opinions..

    I felt like making something.. And there it is.. Opinions and comments, please. Bash it, tear it apart, love it. Say what you want about it. :D
  5. L

    How chimpbot came to be in this world

  6. Seph`

    Chimpbot Please Read

    Hey, Uh no offence or anything Have u Actually Played ALL the megaman games? I'm not insulting ur intelligence... But Bass falls in love with Roll, and he becomes good... Did u not know that? Why do U think he is the Main good guy in MMX9? Other Mods have been advertised here, why not mine...
  7. A

    Fear The Mod Pui Pui Pic