1. Nuttzy

    my unfinished work

    i was digging around in my computer i found several models that at the time i wasnt skilled enough to get them ingame, though i could do it now, i lack the willpower, ya get me?, they are all ms3d format, some include skins some dont, it includes a super android 13, an android 18, a sonic, a...
  2. P

    need C18 to beta 1.1

    I dint thing she are in beta 1.1 so i ask if some one can make 1 or give me a link to it if ther are 1
  3. Z

    Matrix Tut.

    *edited for ripping copyrighted content
  4. Macro-Gamer

    Sig Crits Please!

    i have made a couple of sigs for some people and i have gotten a new host so the pics should work now. tell me wat u think, and all opinions are wanted. P.S geocities SUX!