1. liad

    i need the Swiss Cheese - Dragon Ball Z Map-pack here the esf-world page for i

    i need the Swiss Cheese - Dragon Ball Z Map-pack here the esf-world page for it here the download dont work and i someone uploaded it to rapidshare and yousendit but it expired so pls reupload anyone or give me another working link
  2. B

    my first model and reskin please check it out

    ok update damged vegeta check it out please the pics are in the bottom of the page credits esf team
  3. E

    hen_castle test and feedbak thread and unforgiven fix

    yeah. i decided to make a new thread on this so ppl can request for maps, and send sum feed bak on hen_castle. also for unforgiven map. i'm gonna recompile it and also pile in the background then send as packaged to spin. so stay tuned.
  4. B

    want your model skinned ??

    if anyone wants to get there model skinned i can do it for you. you have to give me links to reference pics (atleast one of the face) just send the model and if you've started the skin to : [email protected] i promise i'll make it a good one. i can also improve things on the model if...
  5. D

    where to find map

    I played Swiss cheese's map the other day before i had to format. well, i really liked it and would like to know where i can download it from. thanks Edit: I would really like to know
  6. Deverz

    Dev's magical WP :p

    small children close your eyes :o
  7. S


    Who doesnt like cheese? It is yellow, smells like nothing else and it is ..................... tasting good. You wanna tell me u dont like Cheese??
  8. V3g3t@


    what kind of maps are there anyway i want a cool namek map or so
  9. ZuL

    The Golden Rocket Crowbar!

    Hello. Some of you don't know who I am, but i hang around RocketCrowbar's forums alot. And I am gonna show you my latest piece of art, the Golden Rocket Crowbar. 1822 polygons, and its not made for any game. Not now. Not ever. I am using 3d studio max 4, if someone asks. There is a newer version...
  10. R

    Map Quality

    I dont know if this is the right forum to post this, but this is a map question, as im hearing, there will be very huge maps in the next version, or just scaled down models, "whateva", anyways, in huge maps like cellgames or something, when i fly to top of the map in clouds, i cant see the...
  11. D


    Hey,hi, if someone in the forums, is called Swiss_Cheese (MapperName), he should reply. Because I love sdbz_kamelook and it would be k3wl to play this map still in the next version of ESF. This map is magnificent(?), with the Quittenturm (tower?) [i dont know the english word], Kami's...
  12. Big Bang Attack

    Wats your favoite Cheese

    1) Cedder 2) Pamisom 3) motarellr 4) the Fancy cheese you muma and popa eat 5)all of the cheese above i love all of the cheese but 4) but all the rest are good on nachos sorry for bad spelling
  13. P

    Im eating Cheese...

    Ok so, where are all the mods? hey dont seem to be on anymore, the only one who still is would be spin and Cheeseman Cheese it.
  14. 4xMega-Saiyajin

    hey u mappers!!!

    Well is there a good mapper from u available? I need one!! He should do me a Neo-Vegeta Map (u know this planet from the movie with broly) and i wanne have a map for esf with that and with a poster on which is standing ...
  15. Gogeta

    n00bies, cant stand them...

    I CANT STAND YOU GUYS LIKE {CHEESE} WHO ONLY WATCH THE DAMN CARTOON NETWORK SHOWS!! THEY THINK THATS ALL THERE IS..... THERE IS MUCH MORE YOUR MISSING, swearing, gore, even some nudity!! THESE are all in the original japenese episodes. All I saying is research the info that you don't know before...
  16. S

    any 1 no where to get maps from

    any 1 no where to get maps from cause i dont please tell me:cry:
  17. B

    Cell 3 NVL Skin

    this is my skin of cell 3 nvl my e mail is [email protected]
  18. L


    Cheers mate [email protected] btw where can i get swiss cheese maps?
  19. Darkness


    Can anyone tell me where i can get the swiss cheese map cell arena i wasnt in the map pack i dl and would be interested to get hold of it
  20. D

    New Skin! Perfect Cell!

    Here i made a Perfect Cell! Looks pretty good, came out better then i thought. Hope you enjoy!