1. Skyrider

    Google Toolbar v3 Spelling Checker

    The Google Toolbar 3 has a "spelling check". (For those who didn't knew yet). Perhaps it is handy for some people here on the forums? (and other forums, text, etc.) Check out the screenshot below: It checks for spelling in all "editable" forms. Which are the forms you are able to type in...
  2. Yazuken

    Weird compiling warning and error

    Hey, when i compile i keep getting the following warning: Using Wadfile: \sierra\half-life\valve\halflife.wad - Contains 5 used textures, 100.00 percent of map (3116 textures in wad) Using Wadfile: \sierra\half-life\esf\esf.wad - Warning: Larger than expected texture (348972 bytes)...
  3. TimTheEnchantor

    Quick bloq to version 1 of Ekzempt.

    Please note, if of about 20-30 users try and access the website at the same time, it shows page cannot be displayed, its a bug. Alright, this is not a "crit thread" meaning, you do not crit my work. This is my personal version. Whether ugly or beautiful this is my art. Respect it -- On...
  4. S

    dsf_spacefight [new map]

    ey guys my first map is ready!!!!!!! i have call it "dsf_spacefight". DSF is from my clan Dutch Special Forces! lol. but i only dont know how to set my pics in this thread?:cry: if u guys know tell me plz.