1. VeGeTTo

    Esf 1.3 Cheating Start

    We all now that esf 1.3 it's going to bee pure Pownage but that ain't the problem , what i wont to say it's what IF esf 1.3 it's going 2 bee VERY VERY popular , not only among us , among hackers , nothing will stop em from makeing scripts , cheats , autocheats , wich we all hate, i wonna ask ...
  2. Amayirot Akago

    Cheating or bug?

    Today I played ESF 1.2, as usual. Joined a teamplay server. The admin was busting some n00b caps as SSJ Goku with a 6 million PL, and naturally they were complaining about it. Since I couldn't possible take him on, I decided to go after the n00bs instead. However, after a while of fighting the...
  3. R

    Cheating death for esf?

    Well is there?? If not honestly its time to face facts things can be changed to cheat on esf, I would like to have secure servers especially when 1.2 comes out.
  4. N

    Your technique?

    I would like to know what techniques the good modelers use to make models for like people. Box modeling, poly by poly modeling, these are just examples of what im talking about so what is the most reliable way? I ask this cuz well i have trouble with human/saiyajin models. I looked thru the...
  5. L

    Cheating proof by testing.

    Time and time again ive seen excellent skills in ESF and most of which ive assumed are just that , skills. I did some testing a while back for several months to find out what possibilities there are for cheating , I needed to find out of such great skill really does exist. I no longer play ESF...
  6. {Cx2}Orca

    Cheating Death Support Request in 1.2

    Hi Guys i only wanna request that you would include Cheating Death in Version 1.2 cause every cheap noob can use their ****ing cheating tool, like e.g. aimbots. SO please as the owner of 2 bi ESF Server I pray to you to do this. Thx and Happy Fragging
  7. H

    Cheating KI Bots

    Do any of u that use the bots think they cheat!. I think they do cuse u cant ever hit them with a melee attack and they power up faster then u and they always seem to shoot there special attacks faster to;/ i can name a hole list of stuff that they do;( i dont no what do u guys think?
  8. S

    u wanted proove??? here is ur proove!!

    u wanted proof??? here is ur proof!! u wanted proof that i didnt trace? well there u go. if this doesnt do it for u and u still think i traced it, then ur a complete(!!) idiot imo. this pic is here so u cn compare it to the first 2. look at what i marked in the original, and look at my...
  9. ZuL

    Cheating retarted *****?

    That's what I was called. I have played ESF against bots for like 2 weeks, and now I joined a server, called "Thug", a dedicated one. Ok, there are two people at first there, one from the "Thug" clan, he exited the game. The other guy was a guy named "lol" (very unique nick). Ok, so we fought...
  10. G

    Mai DBZ Pics

    Alrighty, i did this pic kinda in a rush but this is a small example of what I can draw hope u like (Copy and paste)
  11. C

    Console Death Cheating needs a fix!

    Ok today some guys where just killing there selfs by typing in /kill into the console and every time u die in the game u gain power. He was higher than me in like 4 mins and i was playing for about an hour with my friend. Its pretty GAAY if u ask me thay could easyly fix this