1. Hamppu

    Cheatin' = ban

    aww oh noes. so heres the problem, my little bro (his a moron) happened to cheat with my hl1 acc.. and so now we got vac banned from everygame ;< it happened DAMN long ago.. almoust like half o' years ago and still the ban is there, we tought it would go away coz some neightbours and friends...
  2. N

    Your technique?

    I would like to know what techniques the good modelers use to make models for like people. Box modeling, poly by poly modeling, these are just examples of what im talking about so what is the most reliable way? I ask this cuz well i have trouble with human/saiyajin models. I looked thru the...
  3. S

    pl cheatin

    I noticed when i was in a game, almost every1 was ssj then i see a new guy come in and ki blob himself over and over and his pl went up and up. So me an a friend played 1vs1. we got d-ballz alot on cell_day and i kept takin wish for power when my ssj was about 12 million turbo he switched...