1. Disguise

    Charged Turbo + Short Teleports

    The idea behind a Charged Turbo is that the player intends on fighting aggressively. Swoop speeds are increased, so it's much easier to close distances with swoop. I suggest that using Turbo or a Charged Turbo at least changes Long Teleports into Short Teleports. If you gain extra swoop speed...
  2. F

    charged turbo suggestion ( ki pump time )

    i think, when i charge power turbo to the max after 4 seconds its going back to a normal turbo... just cant make a real use of it then the suggestion when you charge, the power turbo only decrease after 8-10 secs or suck your stamina or wathever just increase the time because 4 secs is...
  3. Z

    Suggestions for charged swoop & more!

    I have basically been thinking/building upon the idea of the charge swoop that is currently in place, and here is a system that I am working on. I will update this thread as and when I get idea or see problems I didnt pick up before. All my ideas for the new charged swoop are based around simple...
  4. donnierisk

    Charged swoop

    Hello all, I installed open beta this morning after a few hours of downloading(dial-up) so I played it for a while. I started using the dash system and then I saw the great decrease in time it last, compared to 1.2, then I tried the charged turbo, it was much longer, well obviously because it's...
  5. A

    Charged Finger Lazer

    Hey, I was just thinking that Frieza should get a charged Finger Lazer, that loops untill his powerlevel runs out. I have no idea if this is unbalanced or not, but it would be pretty cool to see a charged Finger Lazer.
  6. Slaxor

    Charged turbo - OMG! PICS! :O

    Ok, here goes. Holding down the turbo key when charging would bring up a "super turbo" bar. So... uh, yeah. Pics kind of speak for themselves. - The bar could fade back to green after prolonged use.
  7. -Blaze-

    Charged basic punch

    My suggestion is that, when you target to enemy, you swoop at him charge punch by holding right mouse button( there appears an a charge metter on thebottom of the screen), then you hit harder than with normal basic punch. The charge metter should load fast, mabe in 4 sec.
  8. imkongkong

    Fast charged beams, better PSing

    In the show sometimes the characters are able to quick charge a powerful beam, but they are then more tired when they do. I'm suggesting quick-charge attacks which would be much faster but at the cost of more KI. While charging attacks, right click would not be to pause the charging. While...
  9. S

    Charged Teleporting!!!!

    Well just a suggestion, but what if you could charge the teleport so that the more you charge the farther you go, but the more ki you spent. and if you just press the button you would go not far and nt use a lot of ki, oh and you can charge the teleportwhile doing other things too. Oh and let...
  10. Krazy-Killa

    Charged Swoop

    I believe that Swoops should be charged up, instead of just clicking and flying. Here's how it would work: You hold the secondary Fire key (Mouse2 for default) and the charge bar appears. The longer you hold the faster your swoop would be, and the more dust that would appear (Like when you...
  11. C

    Fully Charged Sprites

    A quick and easy idea. WHen somone gets a fully charged attack cant we put like a swirl of energy around them to show they fully powered. ON the ground rocks and dust fly around them and in air energy goes around them.. And when transformed lightning goes around them. Hope u like my suggestion
  12. S

    Fully charged beam on the Ground

    Everyone knows about it, but it's something that must be fixed(and since i didn't see it in the list of the next things that will be fixed, i opened this topic) As you might know, when you shoot a fully charged attack(like kamehameha, final flash...) from the ground, it will blast on your...
  13. DiebytheSword

    By popular demand . . . action scenes.

    Ryuei Vs. Cucumba Cucumba won, but not easily. (*kicks heatsenn) Cucumba Wave This one is lightly penciled due to the fact that I will attempt CGing it when I have time. Super Saiyan Keldaen Ryuei vs. Captain Sembali Ryuei pwned Sembali the unhittable. Left to right . . ...
  14. G

    How about a small charged hand Blast

    iI think it would be tight!
  15. NightShade

    You see a powerful figure before you charged up ready for battle.

    Hello all. I am in search for a new land too hold a fight. Not just any fight. It will be the first Best of the Best. There will be a website hosting the toury and the winner will be known as the great fighter in the one on one toury. I am not doing team because that would be to easy and this is...