Useing ESF to show Fanfic Charecters

    Ok so recently i have been writeing a fan fic about a Sayian Named Taln/Wraith and i could think of a way to draw him cause im not very skilled when it ocmes to art but i do have a nack for editing and createing models so i nicked/Borrowed the SSJ Goku model edited it (ALOT) only leaveing the...
  2. S

    making models

    what kind of software is needed to make and edit models, and where can i find it?
  3. SSjGohan12345

    Question about the charecters

    How come 1:Goku has the most and best attacks? 2:Goku is one of or the best charecter? 3:Arnt the suppost to be equal?
  4. L

    new maps for the next,next beta

    I know the beta is almost complete so im gonna say this could apply for the next beta. maybe you could have a map of gokus old house at the very beggining of dragonball or maybe the otherworld tourny place (where goku had his tourny when he died).
  5. A

    More Charecters

    Hi i'm new on this forum so i'm not sure if this has been previously posted, but i was thinking about some more charecters. Maybe there could be some of the androids 16 17 18 etc. also just out of curiousity, has the Dragon Mod Z mod shut down for good?? :)
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