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    New Charcters for ESF

    Buuza Can someone make a Character that is the af version of the fusion of Buu and frieza Yamcha ssj can some one make yamcha a super sayian mystic krillin can someone make krillin a mystic transformation where can i get the bebi pack models for esf help from team will be...
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    charcters for 1.3

    is there going to be anymore characters in 1.3 liie freiza broly or uub?
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    Charcters And Attacks

    i just wanna to know what characters and attacks other people like in ESF. I like Goku, his kamehameha and meele (meele just for have fun and kamehameha for serious damaging):)
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    could you make a vegetto or gogeta?

    Could you have for esf a vegetto/gogeta/gotenks? it would be much cooler if that could. :]