1. K

    How to add characters from another server???

    So there is 1 out of a few servers on esf 1.2.3 that has the AF pack (not the standard apparently) and it has epic characters like ssj god goku and all these "saito" characters. How do i add these characters to my local game so i can use them on my own server? (there are 15 of them) plz help :)
  2. Son Gogeta

    Just some quick questions! (ALOT)

    First off here's some questions about the maps: Will Hell (as seen in Fusion Reborn), a generic Ruined City, or King Kai's Planet make an appearance as maps? Will Trunks use his sword and will he be a separate character from him after his time training in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber. Now for...
  3. M

    Play-able characters

    How many playable characters do you want to add the the final game? (if this is answered somewhere else, can i please have a link to it?)
  4. Aurum

    Which characters are finished?

    I've been wondering since a long time which characters are finished and which not. I just want the game to be released. :)
  5. D

    how do i select characters in ecx

    i can get to character selection screen, but it probably so obvious --- edit --- nvm forgot to install the other pack :)
  6. Deathshot

    UFCF: Ultimate Fictional Characters Fighting (Not mine)

    There are so many of these. These are the fights we really need to see somewhere. These are amazing.
  7. Deathshot

    Non-Cannon Characters

    Alright... I was wondering what your guys favorite Non-Cannon characters are? That being people like Tapion, Broly, Pikkon, or Garlick Jr. My personal favorites are a major struggle, I gotta say Broly was my favorite but he is right over Tapion. Broly because he was just a character who...
  8. Hellion_Blade

    Ki management, transformations and how they affect different characters

    Some of these questions may have come up in previous suggestion threads ,however, I would like to know more. At work last night I was thinking about the way ki management will change relative to transformations. We all know the current release makes ki management easier while transformed and...
  9. Arctiq

    Sonic the Hedgehog Characters w/ Trans?

    I was wondering if, when ESF is released, someone can make most-- if not all -- Sonic characters with their trans :) That would be so freakin epic! <------ Sonic fan boy here :P
  10. whjq

    Creating or editing characters.

    Can anybody tell me how to create/edit a character? Maybe if there's a specific program used? I want to make a costume for Goku and another for Broli. Maybe edit a few moves, too, e.g. Kamehameha.
  11. EliteMarine


    Will there be anymore added Chars to the game? I know there is Goku Gohan Vegeta Krillin Piccolo Trunks Freiza Buu Cell Ginyu Androids, but will there be more?
  12. john_volkov

    Game balancing sugestion and adding new characters.

    So I have a small sugestion to balance out the character since most of the characters have 2 forms, how about making the 3rd forum to take a longer time to get in that form here is an exemple Vegeta that has only 2 forms SSJ 1 and SSJ 2(or whatever you wana call it) this is like a...
  13. Nadask

    Characters ESF paper

    I'm turning the paper models ESF hope you enjoy!
  14. Heks

    Making Characters

    I just have a question really, I'm pretty good at 3D work, i was just wondering, can you make ESF characters on the program Maya, cause that's what I usually use anyway? if someone could let me know please :) cheers
  15. S

    Custom Characters?

    Cant we have custom characters?Like making your own character,the hair,face etc?Would be awesome if everyone had his own unique character.
  16. Nick_Da_Wizard

    Characters in ESF: Final

    Does anyone know how many characters there will be? or are the creators still working on that? BTW - i signed up to this site not long ago. 19 years old and store manager at a pizza place haha. i Still love my dragonball :) So yeah. Will Super saiyan 4 be put into the final?
  17. C

    Any female characters?

    I payed for Half Life 1 only to play this mod. But, i always play female characters in any game. But in this mod i didnt see any female characters. I saw the anime and saw a blond female Android 17 (cant remember her name). Are you planning on adding female characters? I can wait :)
  18. Sicron

    Creating own characters, but with a twist using bots

    Now, we all know that we won't able to create our own characters in this game with out ESF's "consent" because it would possibly hurt the balance of the game. Well...not possibly, it definitely would. But that made me start thinking. People want "single player" mode, people want Brolly in the...
  19. N

    gt characters in final esf

    ad ssj4 and stuff in final esf :smile:
  20. O

    Help with New Models!

    i need a little help with how to choose Other models in ESF 1.3 Open Beta Final... i downloaded the models in the add-ons in moddb but i dont know how to choose the models... i have the models ingame and they working... (i think) i tried to put the cursor on gohan (didnt clicked) and then click...