1. PiXel

    Riku....Own Chara....

    Direkt: Me Only needs to do..... Body... Arms... Hands...(belongs to arms) Head... and hair(belongs to head) Well its all mine ^^ No refs are used! Just... now i will get probs with the nacked body ^^ hoho
  2. F

    i got a dbz chara. i think no one heard of

    yo if anyone know who`s this charcter in dbgt well they should make a model about him if yal don`t know post it on here and i`ll see if i can get a picso someone can make him and put em under frieza if not make koola i know everyone should know who he is ok
  3. L

    milkshape help

    how do u open models in milkshape? i went to decomplie halflife normal and went under esf but when i click on the model file nothing happens.... can someone plz help me out?