1. chaRizma

    The Ultimate Fighting Championship

    So who else watches this? I can't help but be reminded of DBZ whenever I watch it. Sometimes I'm half expecting one of the fighters to Kamehameha at any second lol Favorite fighters are Florian, Nog, Hughes, GSP, and The Spider Silva.:yes: Anyone watch UFC 112 last Saturday?
  2. M

    Mike Tyson to Fight in PRIDE Fighting Championship

    Further Reading: Looks like it's official. It sounds nothing more than a boxing match though, but who knows.
  3. S

    New game mode: martial arts championship?

    i'd like to have some 1x1 action all the time against different players. i don't know if it was mentioned anywhere (i didn't find that) just let me know if anybody thinks this is a good idea, i think it's easily developable and it shouldn't be very much coding too