1. Deathshot

    Naruto Shippuden: UNS2 - A NEW CHALLENGER APPEARS! Hehehehehehehehehe I seen it coming. I SEEN IT! Since Kishimoto made Lars' costumes and all. Btw just found this out.
  2. Jakut

    Hajime no Ippo: New Challenger.

    It's a sequel anime and it's already been aired in japan so let's wait for sub =P
  3. D

    A New Challenger steps up.

    An open challenge for anyone who feels like a scrap, but preferably someone with less than five fights on their belt - don't want to jump RIGHT in.
  4. elNarr

    New Challenger for Logitech g15

    so, there will be soon a new challenger named Razer Tarantula. it seems like this board will also include one lcd screen. ANTI-GHOSTING CAPABILITIES this sounds very interesting, g15 doesn't have this feature at all. PROFILE SWITCHING WITH EASE sounds good, in the g15 it's...
  5. Diablos

    1970 Challenger

    Yeah i know what you're thinking, "A car on the ESf forum modelling bit, wtf?", but i just finished rendering these so i thought i'd show em off. It's somewhere around 8000 tris, and its destined for a few games/places.
  6. X

    ~{ape}~ Challenger Signature

    Here is a signature that I made. Please rate it on a scale of 1/10. Drag me onto your address bar!!! This is my very first one! I'm still learning how to make them good. I'm using an outdated program lol.
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