1. BladeZ

    Challange to win the Premium for BF4

    the guy that comes closest to the release date wins the BF4 premium super easy (The ESF release date) Rules: 1 answer per person Before the official release date Set it up like this: 24-04-2012 (E-mail)
  2. ~`Orochi`~

    ESF open challange

    Hi im orochi most of you know me as ~kai~|kusanagi others might not no me at all but anyway. im going to be hangin around the american servers today and im issueing a challange to basicaly anyone who wants too play. no this is not a IM BETTER THEN YOU LICK MY BALLS thread i simply wanna play...
  3. G

    Open Challange

    open challange to anyone. this will be my first match.
  4. owa

    Yet another Open Challange

    This is open to any but Veji, I just fought him, and don't feel like fighitng him again at the moment! Bring it on you scum suckas!
  5. owa

    Welsey Gibson I challange you.

    How about you and I get the party started?
  6. owa

    Open Challange

    I've never done this before so I'd like a little match for fun ya know? So if someone wants to have a quick little match, it would be greatly appreciated. I got a bio, and I'm very interested in this.
  7. J

    anyone challange

    Anyone willing to preticipate in my first match ever, will have the honor of being in a legendary match. This match is open to anymatch, and player, and ref, any rules. Bring it! :devsmile:
  8. H

    I Challange Teh Naruto Feind!

    Bim i challange u to a somewhat normal fightclub do u accpet or do u bake muffins!?!??! >;D
  9. C

    I Challange The Guy That Begins with A

    I have no clue who that is. If your name begins with A, fight me in an official fight club challenge! Other wise, Cucomba! i challange you! me and Mah Lizzard! *Makes hissing noise's and slithers off...* *Note* This is real BTW, i really want to do this. And ill like da Prozac man for...
  10. A

    I Challange All Takers!

    Who wants some!