1. Majin_You

    Happy Birthday, Chakra-X!

    Happy 19th, you master interviewer, you!
  2. -Blaze-


    Happy birthday!!! And as i say to everyone on birthdays: Drink a lot!
  3. Chakra-X

    Chakra-X's Sonic Flash Movie!

    Finally!! The first part of the movie has been submitted, the 2nd part just needs to be preped for submition and the final part is still being animated. Vote 5 >=(. I was ttrying to have this submitted by my birthday, but hey, whatca gonna...
  4. Chakra-X

    Chakra-X's Uranium Flash

    I am working on a flash video for school about Uranium and I need a (decent)voice actor or 2 to voice 2 scientista (two men involved in the history of Uranium) because my voice just ain't suited for that type...So if you think you can do a good scintist-old-man voice, post a sample (which would...
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