1. K

    Need Help by my Lan server cfg

    Hi, I want to create a Lan server but my prob is that we want a perfect transormation from start but how can i do it? pls help mfg Kuke
  2. ZeroNightmare

    how to make a .cfg file?

    hmmm i was reading the adv melee thing, and i changed some stuff, and i dont know how to make a .cfg file, so could you help
  3. D

    anyone who knows about amx mod and cfg files

    Im tryin to make a cfg file to use with amx_clexec plugin (amx_clexec is made by OLO) that will unbindall then bind keys to control another player so i and i am wondering how i can get the userid of another player somehow cause i dont want to have to change it everytime. im gonna...
  4. P

    Bug OR Cfg problems

    Ok i know people have the same problem : if u select meelee, and try to click on a enemy sometimes it just doesnt work doest select u get killed alot or after 10 times clicking on him rapidly it selects him 30 ping cl rate 7500 and rate 7500 here are my settings below PAUSE: voice_scale...
  5. K

    txt? cfg?

    shouldn't the Mapcycle and other file int he ESF directory be CFG no txt? shouldn't only readme's and stuff be txt? I'm not sure thats why i have Question marks, but i'm pritty sure that the mapcycle and 2 other files there have to be open like a script and script only work in cfg format...