1. M

    50 Cent... On file sharing

    Source: http://torrentfreak.com/50cent-file-sharing-doesnt-hurt-the-artists-071208/
  2. True-Warrior

    50 Cent Snitched on Michael Vick

    I found this so funny......(I didnt make it) http://www.celebully.com/50-cent-snitched-on-michael-vick-p104.html
  3. R

    WIP - Vincent Valentine - (Model Help/Advice appreciated!)

    It's been a really long time sense I have actually done any modeling, or even posted for the most part, but I've been working on a model of Vincent Valentine from FFVII... anyway... As you know, if you don't and you want to know find a picture, but he has a cape kinda thing, thats around his...
  4. R

    Guess who! (Current Work)

    Welp here it is, finally got another modeling program and I'm going back at it, tell me what you think http://chewy.lcvalentine.com/va.jpg peace:idea:
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