1. S

    Cel-Shaded Gotenks!

    Hey everyone, It's sure been a long time since I've actually posted here... anyway, I'm currently finishing up a cel-shaded edit of kreshi's excellent Gotenks model, here's what I've got so far.., I used budokai 3 as reference..(well from what I could remember) and I know the colours aren't...
  2. C

    Looking for some cel-shaded ESF models

    If the topic title didn't make it obvious enough, I'm looking for some ESF models that use skin settings that make the model appear kind of like it's cel-shaded.
  3. M

    Can any 1 make a Cel-Shaded map??

    Can any 1 make a map like cartoon Cel-Shaded DBZ map for ESF??? id realy like that :talk: :talk:
  4. G

    Cel-Shaded add on

    i was on esf-world.com and i saw this cel-shaded ad on i just couldnt get my eyes off of. my questions are, when i download it, which folder do i download it to, and when its time for 1.2, what do i do with it? thanks

    cel-shaded goku

    i was bored as hell today so a started a ce-shaded goku i know the skin sux.. i tried to make it cel shaded and so i skinned it and yes i know thats not how ur supposed to do it but here goes nothin lol. im scared to ask but *gulp* critz? pic: http://www.freewebs.com/esf_freak/pic.htm CREDZ: MR...
  6. Super Veggeto

    my cel-shaded models...

    there is my try of making cel-shaded chars or what ever you wana call it.... as you can see the goku and the vegeta are smo's.... the gohan is AZN Dragon's...donno who's the goten is.... it esf-world it says unknown...anyway i sill can't make MDL file...soo...:(
  7. K


    lets push HL to its limits at and looks anime it could work really good if you cry make it cel-shaded it would kinda look anime? To the Limit and another thing your the idiot