1. Enix

    How do you cel-shade in 3dsm?

    I really wanna know, i was searching on google and i found nothing. Please help me, i know you can do it but i dont know how.
  2. Super Veggeto

    can someone cel-shade esf models?

    it will be awsome dont you think?
  3. Rebirah

    Counter-Strike Cel-shade pack done

    Well, the pack is done, but Icant find a host to host it on, all of them have too low of an upload limit, it is 11mb's Sorry for no link and im uploadin the picture now EDIT: EDIT: Thanks to Son Goten for hosting it for me :) heres the link http://jonku.com/bsg/player.rar
  4. S

    Cel-Shade the Aura.

    Although the aura looks fine right now, I think it would look ten times better if it was cel-shaded.