1. |Overlord|

    HALOGEN gets cease and desist order...

    http://halogen.slipstreamproductions.net/ This was a mod that was being developed for C&C Generals Zero Hour, and sadly microsoft has sent the dev team a cease and desist order :(. I was actually looknig forward to this mod too, since other mods for the game I have played weren't really all that...
  2. S

    Cease fire cvar

    Hi @ll! In the Beta 1.2 Outline it is said that there will be "Cease fire cvar". What does it mean????? SSJ-Goku
  3. M

    WHAM BAM! thank you Smo

    just abit of HARDCORE action.. tehy dont look 2 enthusiastic or woteva.. but meh.. plus they looked skwashed... and hands arent skinned.. nifact y did I even post this Oo
  4. E

    Latest Models

    thougth id post my latest stuff around here, been forgeting all the time anyway, heres nappa, i forgot the legs armor, 1800 polys and theeen heres janemba! around 700 polys atm, i model my models at around 1500-1800 polys now, nearly all good engines support it, apart...
  5. Chimpbot

    Hey..more things to look at!

    Here are a couple more quick sketches.... Enjoy :D Comments?