1. bigshot72

    cartoonish look is old.....

    I don't really like the cartoonish look becuase it's allready been done before in like pretty much all DBZ games out there.... my sugestion is maybe make cartoon model optional........but then again it's multiplayer so maybe have both cartoon and regular option in the menu screen that be...
  2. TAz00


    Well the Neo clan just got another new map, Nc_Mario. And the theme is... The Mario Brothers, DuH! Here are some pics...
  3. S

    Cartoonish Krillin Skin

    Well I made a Cartoonish skin of krillin, cause i thought that it could be cool... you know the look from the color to shadow etc... not the high GFX as the normal skin is, but i think its funny, lol tell me what you think ^_^ Be soft, its my first skin....... tell me...
  4. Z

    More drawings !

    btw it says marlon torres cuz that my real name:tired: oh and my new DRAWING site is :
  5. Akhkaru

    FIRST MODEL!!! (A gun model, but...)

    Well, it's my (MY OWN) first model, YAY... lol It's a AK-101
  6. R

    trunks capsule torso

    man i like it ****ing much but there are somethings wrong well tell what that is so i can make it better