1. Robby

    plz read carefully

    alright since only two people responded to "how about this" and assumed that Im saying something thats already in-game. well your wrong pay attention this time. I said that when you turn SSJ2 you could do move that would wipe out the top half of your body. Just for goku though since hes the...
  2. S

    is there any ssj2 gohans for 1.1

    whats going on with that damn new gohan ssj2. post it here
  3. SSj Goten

    Chibi Trunks W.I.P

    Can Anyone Make Me A ChibiTrunks Skeleton For My Friend Model?I Will Give You Credit And My Friend...75% for my Friend and 25% for you :yes:
  4. L

    New GFX Clan

    Ok after long thought about this judge and myself have decided to leave [SMC] and go on our own root. Through Extensive PM's we have talked about it and finally its coming out to the public. The new clan Is Called "Spiral Rift". Its the same as [SMC] but we're not going into the fancy website...