1. J

    How can Video Gaming be a Career? ?

    Do u think that by playing games in any part of the world can earn u millions or billions Somehow? If you can't answer this at least tell how can u get into a gaming animation career...
  2. |Overlord|

    Your future career path

    What is your future career path and why?. Me, well, somewhere in th IT industry. My brother is working for d-link tech support currently & is a supervisor of people who have university degrees, & he only did his yr12 lat year (must of been his cicso exams during school, took him 1year to...
  3. S

    starting a good dbz model

    well i just thought that for the sake of the n00b modelers (like myself) there could be made a post were the best modelers tell were to start off a model or were to find good sites to start you modelin career
  4. Ryoko

    Latest ryoko art (cg'd)

    This is the cg'd version of my art. Please don't look at this when you vote in the art competition as the arp compo is for lineart only. My best yet ^^