1. Jarrstin

    DragonBall Z Online Card Game Hey guys, some of you might be familiar with the old Score DBZ CCG. At any rate, a group of fans got together, including one of the devs of the old game, and remade the game in an online format. It's completely free as its fan created. The game rocks, imo, and I'm...
  2. Kreptyne

    Can't decide on a graphics card

    I have two graphic cards in mind, And would like to know which i should get, These are the two:
  3. FalconFury

    Which graphic card are you using

    Please post your graphic card here; If its an older graphic card and you can't update it and you feel upset just because you can't play proper games on your PC well watch this. Moving on New graphic cards such as ATI would acquire geforce, updating...
  4. Chakra-X

    Want to Buy Bro New Graphics Card

    My brother's birthday is coming up and I thought my mom and I could pitch in to get him a new graphics card so he can actually play games at decent settings. Last time I ventured in to GFX cards alone, I ****ed myself in the ass, and while I am more seasoned now, I still would like opinions...
  5. Nemix

    Which Video Card is better?

    nVidia GeForce G210, 1024MB, GDDR3, 64bit, DVI, HDMI, PCI-E or ATI Radeon HD 3600
  6. Skyrider

    Zolid 66in1 Card Reader - Smart card drivers not found

    Today I bought a Zolid 66in1 Card Reader. But when I put in a SIM card, it can't find the "Smart Card" drivers.. I've fully installed the other drivers with the CD that came with it. I've already googled, but I can't find anything helpful...
  7. C

    Need some help picking a good Graphics Card.

    My current card is an Nvidia GeForce 9600 GT . It is fairly good, but i want a better one, and with the money my mother gives me each week (10 euro per week), i can get a good graphics card if i start gathering money for it :) I want one that has a medium price but is still awesome...
  8. Skyrider

    Forum Arcade System and Steam IM card Added

    I'm pretty sure a lot of you people already noticed that the forum now has an arcade system to get you guys entertained besides reading & posting. The Arcade system can be found; 1), By clicking here: 2), By clicking the "Forum Arcade" under "Forum Games"...
  9. Optional

    Six Monitors, One Video Card

    Video review:
  10. eRRoR1TM

    Help me choose a new video card.

    So I was looking for a good video card. Some of my friends told me to buy Geforce 9800, others told me to "double" my Gefore 9600 (use 2 video cards at the same time, dont remember how it's called, SDI or TDI or something like that). I need some advice, because I'm not good in this video card...
  11. Skyrider

    New Feature: Steam IM Card

    This adds the ability of having for each user of your board to enter their Steam ID (link) like the MSN, ICQ, AOL, Yahoo and Skype Messenger contact cards. Users can enter their steam id in the following forms: * STEAM_0:X:XXXX *
  12. weeman

    new graphics card?

    Hi, I'm having a bit of trouble picking a new graphics card for my machine. My PC at the moment has a 8500 gt which is pretty ****ty on new games such as L4D, even tho it's on an oldish engine. I mainly play source games such as L4D and CS:S. And my budget is about £100 (maybe max of...
  13. ZeroNightmare

    New Video Card Problem

    Hey i smashed my old video car din an unfortunate computer accident and had to get a replacement Grabbed a cheapo geforce 6200 oc and installed it. When I try to plug my monitor into the slot on the video card after the windows loading screen the screen just goes black. It works...
  14. The Deco

    Graphics card for graphics(did I just say graphics twice? xD)

    OK im building a computer for someone and he is about to take a course of graphics. Now im not sure if there is a certain type of graphic cards or some graphic card level that need so it will work good with a graphic making software. All the 3D stuff. Now which card type I need, like any...
  15. The Deco

    Another graphic card question... RAWR

    OK, I thought about it lately. On the start I wanted to take the ATI HD 4850, a few days ago I decided to go on the HD 4870, Now im thinking of taking the nVidia 9800GX2 since its not much of a price range between this and the HD 4870 and the performance(supposed to be) better. Now I need a few...
  16. The Deco

    Hard to choose which graphic card GeF 8 or 9

    OK so I built my PC, now im not sure which series of GEforce should I get 8 or 9 8 is about to get pretty old so I don't think it would be smart to buy it for a new computer, on the other hand if im not mistaken the 9 series has bugs and I don't want to pay lots of money for something...
  17. Killface

    Graphics card bottleneck?

    Anyone know the most powerful graphics card i can get that wont be bottlenecked by This?
  18. J-Dude

    Getting Repeated Message saying my video card is getting insufficient power

    My computer has been designed and upgraded with graphics very much in mind. I work with 3d animation, and while I don't exactly run Crysis on max settings, I do okay with my NVidia 7950 GT 512 megabyte card. But just today and last night, my gaphics card which has served me so faithfully and...
  19. S

    Returning a broken Video card - what should i choose as replacement?

    Well, I've had a new computer and about 2 months ago I started having random crashes occurring, apparently due to the file "ativag2.dll" getting caught in an infinate loop, that's what it said when I got a blue screen, sometimes it didnt even give me that benefit. It was definitely not a...
  20. The Deco

    Help, maybe changing Video card HELP

    xD alright. So this is my Motherboard Now I want to get a video card that will serve me well for the coming years and after I will replace my current PC I will be able to not buy a new Video Card because this one...