1. LionHeart


    so what do you think of it , i personaly think thats it's way to short i mean i finished the story line ( 89% of the game) in 2 days:D and the ending was should i say...uhh not realy an ending that would have a big efect on you like in mostwanted or underground 1 or 2 (PS:i...
  2. LionHeart

    nfs carbon

    so i got the game and it's cool but i don't see the car colors i mean most are black but the cops one ar transparent and i can see the cops models inside could this be an eror from my driver PS: i had a similar eror at godfather the game and it was because of the old driver so i installed a...
  3. Slofreak

    Need for speed carbon demo !!!

    iiits ooout Need for speed carbon demo is out !!! go get it !!!