1. LionHeart

    dead caracters

    is there anyway after the guy gets killed the caracter to lie there more than a few seconds?
  2. majin-vegeta

    New caracters

    Someone who nows where you can download a Broly (Brolly) caracter for EVM???
  3. john_volkov

    caracters sugestion

    Well I don't know if some one sugestet this but I was thinking about this not for the new esf esfb1.3 maybe for esfb1.4 or the final versiou U will add like all of the DBZ players This will be Grate even if Radditz is to week still u will be abel to kick some till he get's to SSj i sugest this...
  4. donnierisk

    More caracters

    Why not add Goten (or is he gonna be in 1.3?) and tien and raditz and nappa and Piccon(that green guy) and then just make them all with their own special attacks: Goten:Kamekameha(he pronounces it like this), the attacks that everyone has(number 1,2 and 3), and a few more and super saiyen 1 and...