1. Delusional

    Majin Vegeta capsule for budokai 2....

    Ok i read Mp's post ...tried it ....didn't work.......kept trying.....didn't work..............checked my guide book....THE CAPSULE IS NOT IN THE LISTINGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Is majin a uk or something capsule i really want it :cry: i have breakthrough for every character but i don't get...
  2. TwisteR

    Majin Vegeta capsule in Budokai 2

    Ive asked my friends that have the game, ive looked at the faqs. The faqs say to beat majin vegeta twice the first time he appears (with goku) , but complete the stage successfully. Ive done this many times, but i cant get that capsule. Anobody that did get that capsule, tell me if theres...
  3. Super Veggeto

    is there a realesed capsule corp map?

    the search isnt helping...
  4. G

    Raditz arena.

    Have anyone thinkt about makink the place where Raditz is fougt with mountains, the capsule Raditz arrive on earth and a farm :smile:
  5. Ness

    DBZ Capsule Map

    Dus ne1 know where I can find the DBZ capsule map? I saw it on 1 of the servers but wen I tried 2 download it off the server it keeps freezing.
  6. E

    Capsule Corp Trunks Model!

    Hey guys, Jboskma will be skinning him :) Trunks: 2076 Polys Sword Belt: 222 Polys Sword: 208 Polys Sword Case: 14 Polys the sword and belt are optional another coloured render: personally, i suck at posing model, but i thougth id give it a try, so heres my pose up of...
  7. DragonDude

    Need Map Ideas, Your Suggestions = Credit 4 U :D

    I think you can probably tell what I need from the name of the thread. Basically, I'm making a map for ESF of the surface of our good ol' Moon. (Yes, the Moon, the thing that was blown up once in DragonBall and once again in DragonBall Z. :D) But when I sat down to really think about the map, I...
  8. V

    Capsule Map

    Hey I was wondering has anyone made a Map that looks like the inside of a capsule? If not could someone make one please. Im thinking like the inside of the capsule that Vegeta trained in, but large enough to actually fight in. Like S2K's snakeway map wher you can go into king kais house maybe...
  9. Macro-Gamer

    NEW SIG, for a friend- KEEP TO TOPIC!

    DO NOT GO OFF TOPIC! THIS ONLY ABOUT MY SIG! THIS THREAD WAS CLOSED ONCE BEFORE, SO KEEP ON TOPIC! I made this sig for me friend dakilla. Copy and paste link otherwise it wont work: Tell me wat you think.
  10. B

    trunk, capsule corp jacket, short hair

    i´m making the model of trunk with capsule corp jacket and short hair. i´m waitin to the next version of esf because in this version you can use the sword
  11. R

    trunks capsule torso

    man i like it ****ing much but there are somethings wrong well tell what that is so i can make it better