1. Mkilbride

    AT&T to impose bandwidth cap. Guess my friends with AT&T will stop bragging now. This is WORSE than Comcast's cap, which is 250GB, and 2 warnings, but you don't have to pay over-charge fees if you go over, you get a warning...
  2. Goten-son


    ok Before you look at this pic just remember I DID submit to the KH project so that has benefits lol but i will also be offering ot make sound packs for the pack as well. also do NOT pm, AIM, or contact me in any way for this model thank you <img...
  3. D

    I think you shoukd add piccolos cap.

    I think you should add piccolos cap(i know i spelled it as cap as in hat but i ment the long thing that is on his back and flaps back and forth and waves in the air). Now before you bithc about this has already been said i didnt look to see if this was said already so stfu. Anyways i alwasy...
  4. S

    Cap the DB's

    What If on the capture the dragonballs mode u could make a wish where u could like have all powers or even have unlimited ki or a rediculously high power lv orsomething.....but only until u died .............. If already posted (Sorry) (Instant Transmission)